Labour Laws

Ministry of Labour - Mandate

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The Kenya ICT Board works closely with the ministry of labour on puting up effective measures to facilitate labour law compliance,understanding and adherence by companies and/or individuals interested in investing in ICT in Kenya.Useful documents towards this are listed below:

The Labour ministry's Mandate is to:"enforce labour laws, maintain industrial peace, industrial training and promote safety and health of employees. We also develop and coordinate implementation of policies and strategies for human resource development, micro and small enterprise sector and productivity improvement."

Core Functions

  • Promotion of harmonious industrial relations in the country.To ensure compliance with labour laws, international labour standards and codes of practice as well as review of labour standards and domestication of international conventions and recommendations
  • Promotion of best practices of occupational safety and health in all workplaces
  • To plan, development and promotion of effective utilization of human resources
  • Judicial determination of trade disputes and registration of Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)
  • Facilitation of the development of micro and small enterprises.
  • Provision of labour market information
  • To ensure availability of skilled manpower for the industry
  • Promotion of productivity improvement
  • Provision of social security through National Social Security Fund (NSSF)